Ang Sang & Ardas Bhaee - CD

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Il potere della preghiera "Hari Bhajan Kaur"

Mantra & Music To Feel God With You Always - This powertul mantra, Ang Sang Wahe Guru, was prescribed by Yogi Bhajan when we first met to help me heal my body, mind & spirit. It will help you remember and feel the presence of your creator with you, to heal you & dissipate your fears. It is a 31 min piece, with both English and Gurmukhi, guitar, cello, and angelic harmonies. For Miracles and Healing.

Ardas, meaning prayer, is considered to be the "Prayer to Answer All Prayers This mantra brings great healing, the possibility of miracles, and a sense of mercy and compassion into your life, in the spirit of the great saint/gurus Guru Ram Das & Guru Amar Das. A 31 minute piece, with English, guitar, piano.

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